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Speaking the Right Words: How to Develop Conscious Conflict Skills

Foster mindful reactions to difficult discussions with easy-to-implement tools to help you speak the right words.

Are You Crispy? It’s Not Your Fault! The Myth Behind Burnout

Examine burnout: what it is, why it happens and what can be done to lessen this devastating occupational hazard.

Communicating the Cost of Care

Learn basic skills you and your teams need to help communicate more effectively with clients and build better relationships.

Telemedicine Communication Strategies for Success

Learn critical skills and best practices to help connect with clients and colleagues effectively in a virtual setting.

Three Ways to Help Your Clients Say Yes!

Why don’t clients say yes to clinical recommendations? This webinar examines the barriers to adherence in veterinary hospitals and strategies to enhance compliance.

Slow Down to Speed Up: How to Create Practice Efficiency

Learn about factors that drive hospital inefficiency and the solutions to help create effective hospital processes.

What a Pain in the Gut!

Learn how diagnostics and a team approach mindset can improve treatment options for horses with abdominal pain.

Understanding and Overcoming Client Economic Limitations

Tips and techniques on how to partner with your clients in order to manage financial expectations and overcome economic limitations.

Enhancing Hospital Performance With Pet Health Insurance

Discover why Pet Health Insurance should be your hospital’s top strategic priority.

Missed Charges: A Modern Approach to Revenue Capture

Veterinary practices are missing $100,000’s in fees each year due to unintentional neglect in charging clients for services actually performed! Hear ways to prevent this in your hospital.

Overcoming Barriers to Cost of Care Conversations

Discover 5 real-world barriers to cost of care conversations and learn how hospitals overcame them.

How to Implement New Hospital Initiatives

Discover 5 steps that help obtain team buy-in for new initiatives and create positive, sustainable change in your hospital.

How Does Proactively Educating Clients About Pet Health Insurance Impact Everyone?

Examine how educating pet owners about pet health insurance impacts people and pets.

A Prescription For Change

Gain knowledge about how production-based compensation structures impact hospital cultures and an alternative that promotes a culture of teamwork and collaboration, while still incentivizing associate veterinarians to grow hospital revenues and profits.

Talking Money with Veterinary Clients: Solution-based Strategies & Tactics

Designed to help veterinarians, and team members talk to clients about money in ways that can benefit their pets and the veterinary practice.

Making the Best Care for Pets Affordable

While advances in veterinary care are great for pets, they come at a price. How can veterinary teams empower pet owners to provide recommended care to their pets?

Pet Health Insurance – Separating the Facts from Fiction

Hear what pet owners and veterinarians really think about pet health insurance!

Practice Management in Uncertain Times

Crises test veterinary hospital teams in unimaginable ways; learn 5 techniques that will help your hospital survive and thrive when faced with the unexpected.